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2013 Hobby Shop Building of the Year – 1st Place

We are excited to announce that Greiner Buildings has won two Building Of The Year Awards from the National Frame Builders Association. This is a competition that pits our buildings against post-frame builders from all across America. Greiner Buildings has won first place in the Hobby Shop division with Andy Duggan’s 104′ x 72′ x 18′ lined and insulated building. Greiner Buildings has also won third place in the Commercial division with Kelly Heating & Air’s 45′ x 152′ x 19.5′ two story lined and insulated building.

Both buildings are prime examples of the benefits post-frame construction can offer. Allowing customers to build a larger building with every bit of utility compared to other types of construction.

Illinois Post Frame GB#1911 Andy-4-min
Illinois Post Frame GB#1911 Andy -6-min

Sitting at a beautiful new build site along with a new custom home tucked into a forested cove Springville, Iowa west of Cedar Rapids, it is truly something to be envious of. Andy Duggan’s building has three overhead doors to accommodate everything from his race car trailer and snowmobiles to one of his many dump trucks used by his business Duggan Trucking.

A small office (and sometimes poker room) sits at the Northwest corner of the building. This office integrates nicely on create an alcove for tools and even a storage loft for odds and ends. This building is for working hard and playing hard and it does both flawlessly.

This building stands out as it is a massive lined & insulated shop, beautiful, and well built. We are especially fond of the interior layout which is spacious and gorgeous. Kynar paint will help maintain the exterior beauty for many years to come. Many fun times to be had in this building!