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2017 Remodel Building of the Year – 1st Place

Building use, importance & newsworthiness: This mono-slope post-frame building addition provided new garage space with heated floors for the ambulance service, two bedrooms and full bath for employees. The existing building, which previously was the garage/office space, was converted to a training room, two offices, kitchen, lounge area and bath. The new and existing building were connected by a two-story entry tower to make the transition flow focally. The large windowed garage doors add natural light to the large shop area.

 Greiner Buildings LCA Commercial Building-9846
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Unique features: Two-story entry tower using EIFS. The McElroy mega rib steel added a different visual look to the post-frame exterior. The architect and team at Greiner Buildings worked hard to make the two buildings come together seamlessly so the building was pleasing to the eye.

Post-frame advantage: The original building was post frame and the Louisa County Board wanted a construction option that was cost-efficient and easy to work with the existing structure. Heated concrete floors was a great option for keeping vehicles ready to easily access in cold weather months as well as a comfortable surface for using during training.