We hear it all the time. When people think of a commercial post-frame building they think it has to look like a shed or a barn. Usually the construction looks simple and somewhat industrial, right? This does NOT have to be the case. Post-frame buildings make a great option to churches, municipal buildings, shops, retail spaces, wedding venues and more. With a post-frame building from Greiner Buildings you have actual design options that allow you to customize your commercial building to your specifications. But why else would you choose post-frame construction for your commercial building? Here are four reasons to consider post-frame construction for your commercial construction project:

save money with a post-frame building for your commercial project imageedit_1_5761254329You can have a beautifully-designed commercial building for less money

We list this first because when building your new space, money is always a consideration. We aren’t just a post-frame construction company. We have 2D and 3D CAD designers in house and can really have a great idea what your building will look like prior to construction. Design + Savings is a big win for you.

Design a commerial post-frame building imageedit_3_8040631093Design isn’t just for the outside of the commercial building

You have tons of options for the design of the interior of your commercial building. From open floor plans to adding cool construction elements and walls are all on the table as options for your building.

Post-frame buildings are energy efficient imageedit_4_6861068263Energy efficiency makes post-frame even more appealing

The savings isn’t all upfront! Your building will continue to save you money with higher insulation values on ceilings and your exterior walls.

You can design a large entryway in your post-frame commercial building imageedit_5_7398836039Need a big entry way? We’ve got that covered

A post-frame structure allows for big doors and entry areas so if I you are building an ag building or need to store large equipment, we can help you with that. Think car show room even! Drive those cars right in without issue. There are so many options when you can incorporate large entry ways. We can even install hydraulic doors.
So don’t think of a post-frame building as limiting. In fact, the opposite is true. If you can dream it, chances are we can design and build that custom commercial space you’re looking for. We offer free quotes. Click the button below as well to view some of our commercial projects. Call us with any questions!
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