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Pole Builders in Iowa and Illinois

pole buildingsPole buildings are designed with post frame construction: a structural framing system used in a wide variety of building applications. Greiner Buildings specializes in post frame construction, and we have built thousands of pole buildings over the years for residents, farmers, and business owners all over the Midwest.

Benefits of Pole Barns/Post Frame Construction

Many people throughout Iowa and Illinois choose the pole barn style because of the many benefits that it provides. Some of them include:

  • Affordability: Pole Barns are a very cost-effective way to build that consistently costs less than steel frame or stud frame designs.
  • Speed: The time it takes to erect a pole building is drastically less than standard framing or steel frame.
  • Quality: Every piece is scrutinized to find the highest quality materials from every screw, piece of lumber, and sheet of steel.
  • Energy Efficiency: The building style allows for large areas of uninterrupted insulation add to if Energy Star rated exterior paint, our insulated trench footing and you have one energy-efficient building.
  • Long Life: These are not your Grandfathers’ pole barn. Using high-quality materials means longer life and better looks.
  • Versatile: Affordable buildings with large expanses inside allow for many usage options.

Types of Pole Buildings We Provide

When it comes to personal customization, Greiner Buildings is your expert. We build everything from residential living spaces to insulated machine sheds, to Shome™ Buildings! Here are some of the most common services that we provide:

Commercial and Public Service

Pole buildings have the benefits you need like affordability and speed of construction. Along with the ability to make the exterior and interior look any way that maximizes your business. Our commercial buildings offer something new and exciting for the modern business owner. We design and manage the construction in all of our building sites. Our Greiner building crews can meet any deadline. Our buildings can offer a fresh look for your building or government building. Whether you’re a new business owner or simply looking for a new building for your veteran company, consider a pole building from Greiner.

Residential Homes

Post frame homes are becoming more popular in Illinois in Iowa. These homes are great for any family because they offer low-cost construction, unique design, and are built using long-lasting materials. They are perfect for young families, retirees, and anyone in between. Greiner manages the entire construction process, leaving you to spend time on what’s really important while we construct your perfect home. We can also supply professional plans and materials if you are interested in constructing the home yourself.

Lined and Insulated Shops

Your shop is an important part of your life, whether it’s used for a hobby you love or a business you depend on. Illinois and Iowa winters can be bitterly cold, but you shouldn’t have to shut down production just because of the weather. Consider one of Greiner’s custom insulated shops. We can construct an efficient, beautiful shop designed specifically for your hobby or business. These are some of our favorite buildings to construct, as they are often a large investment and an important part of your livelihood. Therefore, we want to build it perfectly. Our insulated and lined buildings offer stronger foundations than most and are designed to be used year-round. These buildings are energy-efficient and perfect for all of your needs.

Machine Sheds and Cold Storage

Cold storage buildings require professional construction because they are needed to keep the equipment that you count on out of the weather and ready to go when you need it. Because of the specific needs of these buildings, everything must be built correctly. This is where Greiner Buildings come in. We can construct a building that meets any budget or deadline. Come be a part of the design of your building and enjoy a custom professional cold storage building! We offer multiple additions to your buildings, such as waterproofing, steel slide door girts, concrete footings at slider openings, and high-quality lumber and bracings.

Horse Barns & Cattle Sheds

Horses are like a part of the family, and your cattle is your livelihood. Just like all our other construction projects, we offer 3D CAD design to ensure the perfect layout for your needs. We offer insulated, ventilated, durable buildings with wide-open interior spaces up to 100 feet wide will keep your horses happy and healthy. We also offer natural lighting for your horse arenas, At Greiner, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Mini Storage

Another building offered by Greiner is a mini storage building. These buildings are designed to be waterproof, maintenance-free, and secure, ensuring you the perfect building for your storage business. These buildings offer a great storage environment sure to please all your customers. We offer customized floor plans with durable building materials.


The Shome™ is a fully insulated, fully equipped shop combined with a complete residential living space. These buildings are becoming increasingly popular throughout the Midwest, as the perfect solution for modern-day country living.

Custom Pole Buildings To Fit Your Needs

Each pole building that we build is special, and we pay close attention to every detail. We make sure to use the best materials on the market for your building. Deciding to build a pole building is a big deal, and with our one on one attention, and ability to provide detailed quotes and drawings for your design ahead of time, you can get exactly what you want all within budget.

Greiner Buildings has built literally thousands of pole buildings in Iowa and Illinois. For quality you deserve, and the pole building you have always wanted or needed, you can count on our team. Check out our project gallery of past projects or give us a call for more information on our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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