Job Title and Location: HR / Safety Administrator / IT Support based out of our Washington Greiner Buildings, Inc. location.

Hometown: Columbus Junction

Started working at GB: 2004

Family: Husband, Vern; daughters Nicky and Wendy; grandchildren, Ryan (spouse, Asia) and Karissa

Favorite food/or Restaurant we may find you at: Great Wall of China in Burlington, IA

Favorite hobby/ies: Horseback riding; gardening; pretty much anything outdoors!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? England, Ireland, and Scotland. Their history has always fascinated me.

Favorite tool to use in your everyday career and why you couldn’t be without it: My laptop…I’m constantly designing, recording, organizing all kinds of documents to use for either HR or Safety. Wish I could fold it up and stick it in my pocket!

What might be an interesting fact about yourself that others may not know? Performed in musical and plays for 10 years with the Junction Entertainers with leading roles in Sound of Music, Oklahoma and Little Abner (yep, I played Grannie!). It was a blast and improved my ability to speak in front of a crowd which I do quite frequently in my job here at GB.

What brought you to GB? I worked for the “Calendar Factory” in Washington in Customer Service until it closed. After some time off, I looked for a position that wouldn’t be the same day in and day out with new opportunities presenting themselves constantly……..I started with GB as the only girl in an office of 5 employees (and 2 of those were in Sales and gone most of the time). I certainly got my wish!!

Do you have a particular GB job that you have been involved and really take pride in?
SAFETY! I can’t stress enough how the post frame industry has grown to recognize the importance of this subject. I’m proud to be a member of the National Frame Builder’s Association and be on their Safety committee. We’ve worked hard to help the association’s members become more aware of Fall Protection and put together a well- rounded template for a safety manual that we’re introducing at our convention this year that should help those businesses that don’t know where to start or what to include in their safety programs.

What is the favorite part of your career? The daily variety. With the 3 different positions that I help with here, it’s always an assorted task list to work on!

What do you really enjoy about working at GB? My co-workers. This group really cares about their customers and the projects they produce. And they care about making themselves better overall – in their work, in their personal life. It has really been a fascinating journey watching this company grow!!!

How has the post frame industry changed for you? Night and day to what I saw when I first started at GB – The buildings have become more sophisticated, more versatile – which in turn challenges the building company to become just that: more sophisticated and versatile. Plus – our crews are challenged to become more than just a guy swinging a hammer. We are constantly working on improvement and looking towards the big picture for a career since the industry is demanding more from us.

What is your favorite exterior building color/combination? Autumn and Ash

Do you have a bucket list item you would love to accomplish? A camping vacation (on horseback) in Colorado for a week.

Any other fun facts about yourself you would like to share? My husband and I are happily involved with Shriner’s for children – you know, those guys with the “crazy little cars” you see in parades!! While he helps with the philanthropy for the Shriner’s and their hospitals throughout the world, I belong to a local group called the “Crazy Ladies” that fundraises to provide comfort items for the kids during their stay at a hospital. We ‘ve traveled throughout the United States on this adventure and have met so many wonderful, fun-loving people! Lastly, my husband and I own a local bar in Columbus Junction called MUGz. Another great adventure! Come visit for some laid back conversation and cold Beer. We’d love to see your mug at MUGz!

Kathy Rode HR Safety Technology

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