Greiner Buildings have been providing machine sheds for Iowa and Illinois for more than 30 years. Our company uses the finest materials available on the market. Our staff of skilled trades people, management team, and sales staff want to build the shed that will work for your needs and budget. We build our post frame buildings to be strong and to last with little required maintenance. Post frame buildings are much larger today with them getting to be 80′ wide, 200′ long and 18′-20′ high to accommodate the larger farming equipment that is used. With these larger buildings, materials used must meet the strength required to keep your building upright in all kinds of wind and weather found in Iowa and Illinois.

WMachine Shed Iowa, Machine Shed Illinoise use Glu-Lam columns made by Rigidply Rafters. This company has more than 50 years of experience and has the industry’s leading warranty. The columns are finger-jointed and laminated. This makes for a straighter frame and have less cracking and splitting of the wood. We also choose to use MSR 1650 lumber that meets the American Lumber Standards(ALS). The wood is machine tested for strength having less knots and bark giving your machine shed a more appealing look to it.

Machine Shed Illinois

With the help of the design staff at Greiner Buildings, you can have the machine shed you have wanted and needed. You can choose a closed shed with strong working doors, or an open front shed might fit your needs better. With the closed machine shed, our doors are built to move as easily as possible and be big enough for your equipment. With concrete footings at the slider openings. the door can seal your post frame building protecting your equipment from the weather conditions. One other thing to consider with your machine shed is the kind of lighting you need. We can install side lights or ridge lights.