Protect Cattle in the Winter with a Cattle Barn

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When winter comes to Iowa and Illinois, dairy farmers are concerned about their cattle and the weather. To make sure cows are comfortable all winter long is important. They need to be dry and out of the wind to keep them comfortable. It can be outright dangerous for cows to be wet and in a cold wind. That is why it is important to have a cattle barn where they can stay dry, have plenty of room to lay down, walk around, and drink fresh water. For young calves, it is especially important.

Winter is tough on everyone, including cattle. When unseasonably cold weather strikes early, cattle may not have developed their winter coat, which can become a danger to the cattle. This another reason to invest in a cattle barn; it can save you money in the long run.

Greiner Buildings can build a custom designed cattle barn to keep your cattle safe and warm through the cold, snowy winter months in Iowa and Illinois. Some of the cattle barns that we have constructed in the past are:

  • Cattle shed on concrete wall foundations
  • Cattle sheds w/mono-sloping roos and open sidewalls
  • Insulated roof for protecting metal
  • Sliding doors or hinged vent doors for access and ventilation
  • Natural lighting panels
  • Curtain systems for ventilation
  • G-90 steel for added protection against rusting
  • Cupolas for increased cosmetic appeal
  • Concrete piers at open fronts

The Importance of a Cattle Barn, Especially in Winter

It is important for cattle to have sufficient room to feed, have fresh water, and rest. Let the team at Greiner Buildings build you the cattle barn designed specifically for your needs. We will work directly with you to understand your vision and draw it out in our state-of-the art 3D drawing program. When we do this, you can meet you at your location or you can come into the office and you can see your design on the big screen.

We want to make sure that we understand your concept thoroughly and have a clear vision as to what you need. We will make any changes to fit those needs and keep within your budget. With over 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to meeting our customers needs and expectations.

Greiner Buildings is located in Kewanee, IL and Washington, IA. We understand how the winter months can take a toll on your cattle. The last few winters have been colder than most, with the polar vortex coming into the picture, and it looks like that is going to be the pattern for some years to come. The combination of cold, wind and moisture can be deadly to cattle. In the end, a cattle barn will save you money and keep your cattle safe and healthy. Don’t let another winter go by with your cattle in danger. Keep them safe. Contact Greiner Buildings and let us get started on a cattle barn to keep them safe throughout the winter.

Don’t let another winter go by without protecting your cattle from the winter elements. Contact Greiner Buildings today and we will answer any questions you have and find out what your needs are.