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Post Frame Buildings, also known as Pole Buildings, have become increasingly popular over the years when it comes to building residential living spaces in Iowa & Illinois. These types of buildings are made with a wooden pole frame, which is beneficial for residential constructions for many reasons. Since wood materials are more cost effective than metal materials such as steel, post frame construction allows for a low-cost building project while still getting the incredible quality that every home project needs. Uniquely designed, these buildings are very versatile and can be custom designed in any way that you want them to be. For our post frame construction at Greiner Buildings, we only use the best quality materials on the market that will be sure to last you a lifetime.

Pole Building homes are perfect for young families, retired couples, and everyone in between! They can be constructed quickly so that you won’t have to wait long to have your dream home. These buildings are also designed to have incredible energy efficiency and great insulation. We will definitely save you money on your heating and cooling bills with our post frame buildings!

Greiner Buildings is proud to manage the entire construction process for you, we will be there from start to finish. However, we also give you the option to construct the home yourself by supplying you with all of the professional plans and materials needed.

Shome Buildings by Greiner Buildings

pole barn with living quarters iowa Shawn Redlinger SHOME™ 72'x40'x18' GB#Shome Int.

Shawn Redlinger SHOME™ 72’x40’x18′ GB#Shome Int.

One of our most exciting and impressive options for post frame construction available is the Shome, a combination of shop and home. They include exterior leisure areas, interior living spaces, and shop storage for your vehicles and equipment such as snowmobiles, lawn mowers, tractors, and trailers.

Post Frame Construction is a great option for anyone living in Iowa or Illinois that is looking to build a beautiful, and fantastic quality home that will last for years to come. Let Greiner Buildings be your number one contractor for Residential Buildings!

Read more about our SHOME® (Shop + Home) on in this great case study from the NFBA! Click here.