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2016 Hobby Shop Building of the Year – 1st Place

Building Use, Importance, and Newsworthiness: This building is an exquisite and unique example of a hobby shop. Although it has the possibility to be a residence, the Walkers have built the property for storing prized possessions and hosting social gatherings. The owner also enjoys refurbishing antiques, so a craft room was included in the plan. This project includes a surround-sound movie theater for watching
football with friends.

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Machine Shed House by Greiner Buildings Iowa City Cedar Rapids Iowa GB#4593 Terri -34-min

Unique Features: The owner has incorporated refurbished antiques throughout the property such as double church doors from their family church and pocket doors throughout. An antique hutch was built into their kitchen area while antique fireplace columns were incorporated into the stone fireplace. Different types of wood were installed on the ceilings, walls and floors as well as stained and heated concrete floors on the main level. The Walkers also installed solar panels on the roof.

Post-frame Advantage: The ease and quickness of a post frame building allows a shop and man cave to be incorporated together. The speed of our building process helped get subcontractors on location much faster than stud frame construction with materials that will last longer.

Insulation: Blow in attic R-38 12’ thick, walls 2’ closed cell spray foam, R-14

Foundation or structural components: Embedded